YouTube Tricks to Get More Views

YouTube Tricks to Get More Views If you want to get more views on you YouTube videos there are some things that you can do to make this happen.  Getting views is not as easy as others would have you believe but it can be done if you don’t mind putting in the work.  Your SEO efforts are dependent upon how well your YouTube videos do and this is determined by the amount of views you have on each video.  When the search engine, like Google, crawlers are looking for content they search out videos and check the view count.  A lower view count means a lower search engine ranking.  The following are some YouTube tricks to more views on your videos.

Never Outright Ask for Money

Unless you are a nonprofit and your main goal is collecting money for your charity then you never want to outright ask your viewers to buy your products or services.  You are really not on YouTube to sell, but more to promote your products by showing how awesome they are or how easy they make life easier etc.  You never see commercials on television outright saying, “you have to buy this product”.   The only commercials that do that are infomercials and how many of them do you actually watch all the way through?  So don’t ask for money for your products, instead, make people want them by the way you highlight them in your videos.

Have Some Patience

This can be the hardest part of getting views on your YouTube videos but it is the most important part.  You have to be patient and as long as you are doing your part, posting them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and are promoting your videos everywhere you can think of, then the views should start rolling in.  If you cannot wait and do not have the patience then you can always just buy your views while you impatiently wait for the real ones. Many people also buy Instagram followers for the same reasons, and you can do so for only $20 at this link.  At the end of the day, it is simply not possible to get thousands of views in just a few hours.  You just need to stay consistent and keep on posting your videos and your efforts will pay off, same as with Facebook or Twitter.

Post Edited and Unedited Versions of Your Videos

If you have thought of having adult based versions of your videos but you are worried about your brand image, think about posting both edited and unedited versions of your video.  It is a well known fact that unedited videos get a much higher view count than those that are edited.  Of course you want to stay within the terms of YouTube but some swearing here and there is not offensive to everyone and it can help you with your view count.  Make sure that you offer a disclaimer at the beginning of the unedited video and a link to the edited version for those who are more sensitive.

Following the above YouTube tricks can really help you to get more out of your YouTube marketing efforts.  Just to reiterate one trick, have some patience.  Even those who have videos that are viral do not get there overnight so give it some time before you start panicking.