Why Your Business Needs Instagram

Why Your Business Needs Instagram

We live in a very competitive world and your company needs to take advantage of every opportunity you have to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Instagram is one excellent way to do both. Social media plays a major role in marketing and this photo app gives you another way to make a social connection with existing and potential customers.

Instagram will help you reach consumers that might not otherwise ever hear about your business. Thousands of people use this photo-sharing app and they’re always looking for interesting content to view, like and share. When you provide it for them, your company can enjoy the following benefits.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Most everyone that follows you on Instagram will have a real interest in your particular niche. As a result, these users will most likely visit your website at some point because they do have a real interest in the products and services you offer. This is when you have the opportunity to really market your products and encourage sales.

Use your photos and short Instagram videos to showcase your business from a unique perspective. Show the care that goes into making the products and the process you use to ensure all of the items are made from quality materials. These things will capture the attention of consumers and steer them in your direction. It will also help to generate interest in your account and help increase the number of Instagram followers that you have.

Create Interest in Company Sponsored Events

Using Instagram is a great way to create interest in company-sponsored events because you can use visual stimulation to get attention. You can post photos of everyone having a great time at past events and to show viewers what they can expect if they attend. This is a great way to draw attention to these events and encourage more people to participate in them. It also works great for announcing conferences and trade shows your company attends. It will help people remember you and many of them will look for you when they arrive.

It Helps You Connect With Consumers

People today want and expect more from businesses. They want to know all about you and Instagram can help you make this connection. It’s not enough to know what products you offer or how long you’ve been in business. Consumers want to get to know the real you. What drove you to starting up the company? What are your goals? Who are the people behind the company and how do you make your products? These are just a few of the questions consumers want to know that you can answer for them and there are many creative ways brands can use Instagram to engage customers.

Don’t forget to reward your Instagram followers with promo codes, discounts and other specials that will save them money on your products. This will go a long ways in showing consumers that your care about your customers, which helps to build trust and loyalty. Using Instagram has many benefits and any company, small or large can benefit from this photo-sharing app.