What Makes Instagram Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

What Makes Instagram Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

Instagram is a simple photo-sharing app that can do big things for your company. If you haven’t included it into your marketing plan, now is a good time to do so. It’s free, easy to use and has the potential to greatly enhance brand exposure. The great thing about Instagram is that anyone can use it regardless of the size of your company. As long as you have photos to post, you can find many ways to keep your audience interested so your company can benefit from using this app.

Instagram allows you to post photos and very short videos designed to create interest in your company in a fresh new way. You can get as creative as you want and there are several different apps available that you can use to customize your photos, which will make them even more interesting. If you’re trying to decide if using this app is right for your company, below are a few of the things that make Instagram an effective marketing tool.

It Gives Customers a Fun Way to Interact with Your Company

People like to know they are important to the companies they do business with and Instagram gives you a fun and interesting way for them to interact with you. For example, you can encourage your fans to share photos of themselves using your products, which serves two purposes. It makes them happy because many people love sharing their photos but at the same time, they’re providing word of mouth advertising for your business as they share these photos with their friends.

You can also conduct contests and offer your Instagram followers special promotions and discounts that will show them that you really do appreciate their business. Most everyone enjoys having a chance to win free stuff and everyone loves a bargain, so offering these specials will help to build a large group of followers that will like and share your photos with others. It’s an excellent way to advertise and draw attention to your brand.

It Helps Encourage Customer Loyalty

Consumers like to learn about the companies they do business with and posting photos that give fans an inside view of your company is a great way to show them what your company is all about. It replaces impersonal advertising with friendly interactions that will help to build trust between you and your customers. As a result, you’ll create a connection that will enhance brand awareness, increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.

Instagram has the potential to greatly improve visibility and to create interest in your business. It will give your company a good way to connect with your customers and show them that you appreciate their business. It also gives you a way to allow them to interact with your brand, which builds trusts and loyal customers that will help your company grow.

If you’re not currently using Instagram as part of your online marketing strategy, now may be a good time to start. It just might be the boost your company needs to build a strong online presence that will help you surpass the competition.