Using Instagram Video for Business Marketing


Buying Instagram Followers to boost your marketing in Australia is not an entirely new thing but what is fairly new is Instagram videos. Fairly recently, Instagram added the feature for short videos, like Vine, and you can use this to your advantage from a business marketing perspective. If you have not ever shared your business message on Instagram, now’s time to consider it. If you are a beginner on Instagram, check out this blog post about basic Instagram etiquette for beginners.


What is Instagram Video?

So what is Instagram video and how can it help you with your business? Instagram video is a new feature from the popular photo sharing social network that allows you to take short video clips on your smartphone and share them to your followers. The videos are limited to just 15 seconds so you have to pack a lot into a short time if you’re trying to share a marketing message. But, you can have more impact with a quick and simple message on a popular network. And think about some of the best television commercials over the years- they are also short.

Of course, your Instagram video shouldn’t be like a TV ad, unless you’re going for that effect. But you can get more views and followers when you learn how to work IG properly.


But What If I Buy Instagram Followers, should I buy Instagram video views too?

Sometimes businesses buy Instagram followers because they want to get a boost and make their accounts look popular. Many celebrities and famous people have done this. Then some experts will tell you it’s a bad idea. So what’s the big debate over it and how will it affect your videos? Well, it won’t really affect them at all. If you buy follows it serves the purpose of just getting bigger numbers on your account. These “fake” numbers won’t actually view your video and they won’t buy your products or services, but they will make your account appear more popular so real viewers may give you more respect.


How to Use Instagram Video for Marketing

So how can you use Instagram video for marketing your business after you buy Instagram followers in Australia? The videos are very short and simple so you need to be to the point. It’s important that you create a highly effective message that is keeping with your brand’s theme.

I do recommend posting funny videos as people love to laugh, and these are the types of videos that get shared the most and might even go viral. the other types of videos are instructional videos that teaches people something or inspires them to improve their life in some way. Self-improvement has gone up in popularity in the past few years, and is now a multi-billion dollar niche! So basically, if you teach people something that can improve their life, you will get a lot of comments, likes and shares on Instagram.

When you create interesting videos and people share them on their articles, blogs and other social media it can also help you get more “Google juice” in terms of SEO. It’s also beneficial to the human viewer. Internet users have very short attention spans so you need to hook them with a short video and if you can use humour well, it’s typically appreciated. So have fun with it!