Three Tips for YouTube Web Video Success

Three Tips for YouTube Web Video Success YouTube started off as a way for people to share their home videos or to promote their bands.  It didn’t take long for YouTube to blow up and become the hottest video site on the internet.  Today, YouTube is used for everything from bands promoting new music to “how to” tips for everything under the sun.  it is also one of the top marketing tools online and is used by large and small businesses alike to promote their brand.  There are some ways that using YouTube can also be entertaining like posting a television type or weekly show.  If you’ve thought of doing this, the following are three tips for YouTube web video success after buying Youtube views from us:

Formatting and Scheduling

Once you have the concept for you show locked in it is important that you stick to the formatting you have decided on.  While can certainly mix it up a bit, you want to the basic concept the same.  For instance, your show premise is based on sports you don’t want to have an episode that talks about how to put on makeup properly.  The two themes or formats just don’t fit with the other and it’s a completely different audience that you’re targeting.  Also, if you plan on uploading your videos on a certain time and day, stick to it.  People expect it to be there and you’ll lose viewer quickly if you don’t at least let them know why your next offering isn’t there.

Use Overall Branding for the Account Name

It may seem to make more sense to have the show’s name as the YouTube account name but actually that is just not so.  It is actually better to use your own overall company branding for the show.  If you decide you want to add a different show format for a different day of the week you can easily get your existing viewers to watch or share it.  This is also great if you have friends who also want to make videos and they want you to promote them and get more likes and comments on them.  The people who subscribe to your channel also benefit because they don’t have to subscribe to more than one channel.

Utilize Your Own Website

Make sure there is a link to your website on you YouTube account page and on each description of your videos.  You can then post the videos on your website and you can also post videos that may not be appropriate for YouTube.  While your loyal fans may want to see certain types of content, they can go against the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up with YouTube.  The alternative is to put them on your website and then post a segment that isn’t against the terms and let your viewers know they can watch the full video on your website.

Having a regular video show on YouTube can be fun and exciting but it’s not fun if you don’t get any viewers because you make simple mistakes.  The tips here illustrate what you should do if you want to make the most out of your experience.  Make sure you stay consistent, always include a link to your own website and keep all your videos on one main account .