Three Instagram Apps for Combining Photos

Three Instagram Apps for Combining Photos

One of the hottest trends on Instagram today is combining multiple photos into one great picture and uploading them to Instagram to share with your followers.  You will need to buy some apps that are compatible with Instagram in order to make this happen but they are not expensive and can really help to boost your following.  People want to see photos that are interesting and what is more interesting that a group of photos combined on the same subject?  For SEO purposes this is a great way to get more likes and shares which again leads to more followers.  The following are three Instagram compatible apps for combining photos.

Pic Frame

Pic Frame allows you to take multiple photos and frame them into one photo in a creative way.  Think about your mother’s pictures hanging on the wall with many different frames that have all of your childhood photos in them.  They are in one frame but have many separate frames within that each photo is placed in.  This is a similar style of framing but on a much higher technical level and there are many different styles to choose from.  You can add up to nine photos to one frame so you can highlight more than one product at a time when you are posting a photo for marketing purposes.


This is a fun little app that allows you to create before and after photos within one frame and you can also overlay photos to create more depth.  There are nearly one hundred and eighty layouts that you can choose from which allows you to come up with your own unique pictures.  One great benefit is that you can also add text to your photos which means that you can offer special codes on the pictures for those who share them on Instagram.  These photos can either be saved to your phone or you can share them directly to any of your social media sites like Instagram directly from the application.  The only downside to this app is that it is only available for iPhones.


Another app that is only available for iPhones but that is totally awesome is PhotoShake! This program allows you to create collages easily and you can also combine photos to come up with some really interesting combinations.  With this program you can also upload your newly created photos directly to your social media sites and you can also save them to your phone too.  You can create unique images that nobody has seen before and highlight certain products while doing so.  Try taking multiple photos of your employees using your products and put them in a collage so your potential customers can see how versatile it is.  Or use a collage to post a photo of all your products.

If you want to get more followers on your Instagram account then you should purchase at least one of these apps.  You’ll spend less than you did on the followers you purchased when you first started out on Instagram and the images will be absolutely stunning. The same tips shared in the article also apply to your Facebook marketing.