Produce Better Videos to Get More YouTube Views

Produce Better Videos to Get More YouTube Views One of the best ways to get more views on your YouTube videos is to produce quality content that offers your viewers engaging and entertaining material.  To do this you need to offer them high quality videos that can be viewed on mobile devices as well as large format televisions and computer monitors.  If you are not offering high quality videos then you are not going to get the views you want on them.  YouTube’s new indexing requires viewers to watch to a certain point in the video for the view to count.  You don’t want to lose viewers after a few seconds so you need to do the following to product higher quality videos.

Your YouTube Video is Only as Good as the Original

If you are looking through the lens of your video camera and the video is pixelated or blurry, there is no way that it will look any better when you upload it to YouTube.  Sure, the views you paid for won’t care about this but those who want to watch your videos will.  You have to start with a quality product before you can even think of uploading it to YouTube.  Most video editing software cannot fix dark or blurry videos to the point that they look good when played on devices.  You can touch them up a little bit but it is so much better to start with a quality product that you can get onto YouTube as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible.

Use Zoom on Your Subjects

Rather than having a great deal of background noise, zoom in on the subject that you are taking video of to make it stand out.  Unless the background is absolutely necessary to the video, it does not need to be in the shot.  When you zoom in on the subject, it catches the eye and has better resolution then when it is a part of the background.  YouTube automatically sets the resolution for your videos so you need to start with a clear subject and make sure that it is framed properly.  This is a great way to get more views on your videos but you can still buy more views if you don’t think you’ll get enough through traditional means. You can also buy more likes, followers and friends on our website.

Use Filters from Your Video Camera

Many of today’s video cameras have great built in filters that you can use when you are making your videos.  Try playing around with these to offer a unique looking video that stands out from the crowd.  Everyone has seen the basic video with great lighting but when you attempt something different people may be more inclined to watch them all the way through.  Of course you do not want to use any filters that take away from the subject so you have to walk a fine line here.

If you want to get more views on your videos then you need to offer a quality product to your viewers.  Make sure that you zoom in on your subjects and remember that what you upload is the way it is seen on YouTube.  Do all of your editing to ensure that you are offering a quality product to your viewers.