How to Use Instagram Direct Messaging

How to Use Instagram Direct Messaging

Instagram gives businesses a great way to enhance brand awareness but with special features such as the Direct Messaging, you have more control on how you use this app to reach your followers. Instagram direct messaging is a great feature because it allows you to send private images and videos to individual followers or to a small group of followers.

Before this feature, the only way you had to connect with fans was through likes and by leaving public comments for everyone to see. The purpose of this feature is to help brands interact with fans on a more personal level by sharing certain photos and comments with only a select few. When you send Direct group messages, everyone within the group can see who received that message but no one outside the selected group can.

How this Feature Can Benefit Your Business

One thing that makes using any social platform successfully is the fact that you can make consumers feel special when you offer them exclusive items or information that only your followers can take advantage of. Direct messaging takes this a step further by allowing you to launch special programs or contests for a select group of followers that support your company the most.

You can also let these followers know about new products coming available before anyone else or give your customers that make the most purchases special promotional offers. You can even deal with customer complaints in a more personal and secure manner by using this feature.

How to Use Instagram Direct Messaging

When you upload your image, look at the top of the share screen. Here you can choose to send the image to all of your followers or you can pick the Direct option. If you choose Direct, you can go down the list of names and select the person or group of people that you want to send the image to. This feature will allow you to choose up to fifteen people on your list.

After opening the app, look at the icon in the top right hand corner of your home feed. When you select it, an inbox will open that contains the videos and images other people have sent to you. The photos or videos sent by people you follow will appear right away but you’ll have to check the request box to see media sent by anyone you do not follow. This way, you have the option of choosing to view or not view the content. If you do decide to accept a request, then that person will be added to your friends list as a follower and you’ll have the option of sending them private messages.

When you receive a message, you have the option of replying to the sender or to everyone in the group. It also gives you the option of leaving comments but it’s important to understand this is not a messaging feature where you can send text messages to people. You can add comments or messages with your photo or video but the main content must still be some type image.

Instagram direct messaging can help your company make the followers that support your business the most feel special by giving you a more secure and private way to communicate with them. It opens up more doors for creating new business opportunities that can help your business grow and thrive.