How to Stand Out On Instagram

How to Stand Out On Instagram

If you’re not taking advantage of Instagram, you could be missing an excellent opportunity to promote your business in a fun and exciting way. Instagram can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness because just about everyone enjoys looking at photos. This makes it an excellent marketing tool that has the potential to increase visibility and grow your company.

Posting photos to your account is easy but if you want to make your account stand out from the competition, you need to be creative and post fun and unusual images that users can’t find just anywhere. There are several apps available designed to combine photos together and create all types amazing images that will grab the attention of your viewers.

These apps can help you create interesting photos for your Instagram account that will encourage users to share your content with others. Below are a few more great ideas to help make your company stand out with this photo-sharing app.

Post Photos of Real People Using Your Products

Instagram can help your business in many ways but when using photos to promote your company, you want to show how your products can benefit your viewers. When you post images of real people using your products in natural surroundings, it helps users to make a connection with that product. For example, a skateboard company could post photos of a group of teens having a great time skating together in a park.

These photos create interest in the product because it’s easy for a teenager to imagine being in a similar situation. When you show images of your products being used in a way that people can relate to, it encourages them to learn more about the product and your company. As a result, you’ll see your website traffic increase along with sales.

Some people purchase followers for their Instagram account to help boost interest because many users do look at the number of followers a company has when searching for someone to follow. However, buying followers or likes won’t bring in new customers. Therefore, even if you do go this route, you still need to provide interesting and unique photos to get real people with a real interest in your products to follow you.

Tell a Story with Your Photos

In addition to learning how to take professional looking photos on Instagram, you also need to tell a story. Telling a story with your photos is an art and it simply means that you’re using images to convey emotions, ideas and to send messages to the viewer. Using pictures to tell visual stories may take some practice but it’s worth the effort. It will help you make a connection with your followers that can help turn them into loyal fans.

People follow companies on social platforms to get to know them better. They want to learn about the people behind the scenes and find out what your company is all about, not just what products you sell. Can you think of a better way to tell your story than with photos? Visual stimulation makes a real impression on people that lasts and that is what you need to enhance brand awareness and draw attention to your company.

Author Bio: Nick Baker can help your company find new and exciting ways to use Instagram to market your company.