How to Promote Your Business with Twitter

How to Promote Your Business with Twitter in AustraliaAre you promoting your business with Twitter? If not you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to reach a much wider audience with a real interest in your products or services. Twitter is not for every business but if you have the resources to meet the needs of consumers all across the globe, then it will help you reach these potential customers.

Twitter is a fast-paced social platform where news travels at an amazing rate, which makes it very effective in building brand awareness. As word of your brand travels across the globe, more people will visit your Twitter account to see what you have to say. Don’t disappoint them once they get there and you’ll have the chance to build a large online community of Twitter fans that support and help promote your business.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

To use Twitter successfully as a way to promote your business, you need a loyal fan base. You can encourage users to follow you by following others within the industry and commenting on their tweets. You can even take advantage of the power of retweeting the information you find interesting. You can also place links in emails, newsletters, on your website, on other social media platforms and in all of your advertisements to ask people to follow you on Twitter.

Don’t directly promote your products with your tweets. Instead, tweet links to blogs, videos and articles that talk about the products you offer. For example, if you sell educational toys for toddlers, write a blog describing how the toys can help your toddler learn. Then write a tweet mentioning the blog with a link to it and this will help you attract more Twitter followers.

When you’re trying to build a large fan base, it may sound strange to say limit your followers but it’s necessary in order to use Twitter effectively. You need quality fans that have a real interest in your products instead of a lot of followers that really don’t care, so quality is better than quantity in this case.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Once you have a loyal fan base, the next step is to find ways to encourage them to visit your website, so you’ll have the opportunity to persuade them to make a purchase. You can use Twitter tools such as, HootSuite and Buffer to help you monitor your account to learn which methods are getting the best responses and you have several options available.

For example, you can offer your Twitter followers special discounts on exclusive items for a limited time or allow them to be the first to purchase new products. You can also link to blogs that offer your fans tips and advice about your products. Be sure to include a link to your website in your profile and anywhere else you can, to make it easy for your fans to visit your site.

Using Twitter to promote your company will help you generate new leads, meet influential people within your industry and it’ll help you gain brand recognition. Building a loyal fan base and using a variety of methods to drive traffic to your business site will help you use this social platform successfully. Remember that these tips also apply to your Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing, and will ensure your success on any social media platform that may be created in the future as well.