How to Find Content Ideas for Your Facebook Account

How to Find Content Ideas for Your Facebook Account

Using Facebook to market your business can help increase brand awareness and sales but it does take some work to use this social platform successfully. You can’t just start up an account and then check in once in a while to see how things are going. You have to post content everyday to keep your fans interested and engage with your fans regularly.

The problem is that you can’t post just anything on your business page. For example, if you own a business that offers photo booth hire in Brisbane for example, you can’t just post funny memes about Leonardo DiCaprio… all your posts should be related to your main service, in this case, the service being photo booth hire in the Brisbane area in Australia. It also has to be something that people will want to read, comment on and share with their friends. It also has to be content that is relevant to your business in some way. At first, it might be easy to come up with content but after awhile you may start to run out of ideas and the following tips can help.

Facebook Content Ideas for Photo booth hire businesses in Brisbane, Toronto or London (or Elsewhere)

If you’re finding yourself at a lost for content to post on your Facebook page, try mixing things up a bit. You can try posting photos to help generate interest in your account. Just make sure these photos are original and that they are relevant to your business. In this case posting funny photos of people having fun while hiring a photo booth would be perfect, especially that people love funny Facebook posts.

For example, you can post a photo of your colleagues having a good time at a company event or party. Just make sure you get their permission before you post photos of anyone else to avoid any legal issues that could arise. Posting company photos will help give your fans an inside look at your company and give you something interesting to post.

You can also search news stories to look for anything related to your industry, in this case news related to photo booth rentals in Toronto, and post them on your page so you can discuss it with your fans. News stories have the potential to generate traffic to your Facebook page but remember that news is time sensitive so don’t post anything that is old news. Another option is to see what type of content your competitor’s posts to help you come up with new ideas.
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Why Is What You Post So Important?

People visit your Facebook page for the content and they don’t want to see a lot of promotional stuff. If you don’t have interesting posts for them to read, then people won’t have a reason to visit your page. There would never be anything new to see or discuss. It would become boring for your fans very quickly and they will leave. You can purchase Facebook likes; this will help you get more followers and encourage others to like your photos too and followers on other social media platforms that you manage like Instagram or Twitter.

Your goal is to build a large fan base of loyal followers who will share your posts with friends and family to help increase brand awareness and therefore increase the amount of potential customers for your business offering photo booth hire in London or elsewhere. It can also increase the amount of traffic that find your website. Therefore, you need interesting content to post. The content you post also represents your business and you can use it to help build a positive image for your company.

The right type of posts can help establish you as an expert in your field and increase your popularity. That’s the type of company consumers want to do business with and Facebook can help you be that company. However, it all starts with you posting interesting, useful content to your Facebook fan page.