Four Ways to Gain Trust From Your Facebook Visitors

Four Ways to Gain Trust From Your Facebook Visitors

Trust is something that is especially hard to get online, on Facebook or on any other social media platform like Instagram. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has not experienced a reason to distrust at some point or another. The Internet has become such an important part of our lives that we simply have to run into some bad eggs now and then. That said, we can help our customers to trust us. Here are four tips that will go a long ways towards gaining trust from your Facebook fans:


Post when you say you will


This might seem like a very simplistic step but it is more important than you know. Your potential customers have little information about you when they start reading what you have to say. One of the only promises they see from you is your posting schedule. If you say that you will post at a certain time, you simply have to keep that promise. It is the first opportunity for you to do what you say you will. Don’t mess up the easy stuff.


Give quality information


Equally important is what you post. If you don’t provide them quality, then they will not trust your expertise. You get one or two chances tops to impress a potential client. Consider that you are only as solid as your worst information. Don’t put out something that you are not proud of thinking that nobody will see it. The wrong person almost certainly will see it at the worst possible moment.  I think that is a rule or something.


Share what your customers have to say


I hate it when you go to a website and you see thousands of testimonials that tout how wonderful the company and site is. By all means you need to show what your customers have to say. The problem for me is that they never are very realistic. Very few companies have a perfect past with absolutely no customers unhappy. That tells me that websites with only glowing praise are being a bit disingenuous. Be brave enough to show your customer’s reality. Which brings us to the last step…


Don’t avoid your shortcomings


If you have something that you are not proud of, don’t try to avoid it and lie your way through. People are smart and they certainly know when you are shooting them a bunch of bull. Shoot straight with your customers at all times and that includes when it is difficult to do so. If you have a customer that orders a product that you can’t finish because of a back order on parts, call them and tell them the truth. Don’t send them emails saying that it is almost done and promising something you know won’t happen. Under promise and over deliver is what I was always taught and it has served me well.


These are all good ways to build trust with your customer base. Not only are they solid ways to build trust, they are also wonderful business principles to live by in general. Keep them in mind throughout your campaign and you will quickly grow an online presence to be proud of.