Does buying Instagram followers still work in 2020? Yes!

Should you buy Instagram followers in Australia in 2020? Yes!


Many of our customers ask us if buying followers in Australia still works in 2020?

Instead of just answering your question quickly, I will ask you another question to make you think a bit.

Does having an Australian restaurant full of customers still attract the attention of people walking by in 2020?

Of course it does!

Social proof is a very old concept that has been working for thousands of years.

I remember I was working in a hotel selling their rooms for timeshare 15 years ago. They bought advertising signs on the highway that were saying “only 3 units left!”

This sale technique is what we call scarcity, but it also implies that many other people already bought, which creates social proof. So this method was working back then and it’s still working today on Instagram when you purchase Instagram followers in Australia.



So why do many Australian bloggers say to not buy Instagram followers?


I know, many Australian bloggers love to talk against buying followers on Instagram.

I guess some find it unethical, but marketing has always been a little bit sneaky. That’s because nobody wants to take the risk of being one of the first buyer of a certain product or service.

We all feel more comfortable buying from a company that has a lot of Instagram followers in Australia or buying a service from a business that already sold that service to one of our close friends or family member.

I have met so many bloggers that believe so much in being authentic that they literally make no money at all… The truth is that a few sneaky marketing tricks like purchasing Instagram followers in Australia can make a huge difference. And it can also mean that without those marketing tricks, you make no money at all. And if you would apply them, you could actually make a part-time income or make a full-time living off your business venture instead of it just being a part-time hobby.

Sounds good doesn’t it?


A few things to consider when buying Instagram followers


That being said, Instagram sometimes wants to delete a few of the followers that you bought. This is because they would prefer people to only pay them to buy their ads and gain followers that way, instead of their users paying companies like us, Buy More Fans.

Does this affect your account in a bad way? Absolutely not!

Sometimes you might see a few of the followers that you purchased being deleted, and if you lose more than 10% of them, you can send us a quick email and we will refill your followers within 48 hours.

Let’s not forget that even if you don’t buy followers, many of your followers can always change their minds and unfollow you if they wish or if they are not interested in your content.

This is why after you purchase followers for your Instagram account, it is very important that you post only high-quality posts that your followers will genuinely like.

If this means only posting 1 post per week instead of 1 post per day, as long as it is engaging, your followers will keep on following you, and it will help you get more likes on your photos, more comments, and eventually more customers, more money, and more freedom with your life.



Purchasing Instagram followers still is a popular and effective social media marketing strategy in 2020, and it is actually more popular than ever!

Instagram is clearly becoming more popular than Facebook right now, so it’s an amazing platform to promote yourself, your products, your company, or your services.

Stay tuned for future blog posts about Instagram marketing tips, most of them are free and will help you grow your audience quickly.


Thanks for reading!