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Youtube comments is what makes Youtube a community. Why buy Youtube comments? Because they start a discussion related to your video that can last for years. Getting a lot of views is great, but engaging viewers to discuss about your video is just as important, as they will keep on coming back to your video and answer other users’ comments or video responses. This creates multiple expositions to your content and is what any good marketing campaign strives for. Engage your fans and customers by starting that discussion: Buy Youtube Comments Now!

Is Buying Youtube Comments Safe?

All of our services are 100% Safe. When buying Youtube Comments, we use many real Youtube Accounts that we own and deliver the comments from each account, so it is 100% safe and natural. Buying Youtube comments is the best way to start a conversation and create a buzz around your video. Buy Now!

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Buy Youtube Comments in Australia (Oz) and New Zealand (NZ) - Buying Youtube Comments Online

What to do after you purchase Youtube Comments?

So you created an amazing video, went ahead and bought Youtube comments, views, likes and subscribers to promote your business in Australia or New Zealand, what’s next? Marketing and promoting your videos can be done using various methods, both free and paid. Some of these marketing methods include social media, advertising, press releases, media pitching, and of course word of mouth. Here is a few suggestions on what step to take after you buy Youtube comments for us.

Reply to the comments posted on your video. This first step is really straightforward. Replying to the users who comment on your videos is a great way to show that you care about them. When a fan or customer reply on your video, this is a priceless opportunity for you to follow-up and communicate with someone who is already took the first step to show you that they are interested in your product and services. Following-up with them will increase conversion rates and most likely turn them into a customer.

Post comments on your video-replies. Some users might post a video reply related to the content of your original video. Take the time to watch this video reply, and most importantly post a comment on it. This will start a conversation with this user that will most likely convert him/her into a buyer as well.

Promote your video off-line. Off-line marketing is powerful. Tell all your friends. Print flyers and business cards with your Youtube channel URL on them. Call the local newspapers and request an interview. You can send a press release to news editors in your region or country using a newswire distribution company, it’s cheaper than you think: For only about $200 your news and video can be distributed to all the major news editor in your country, which have the power to make it viral! Start local, then expand. Ask the people close to you to help you promote it as well.

Buy Youtube ads for your video.  Advertising on Youtube is the perfect way to reach new targeted viewers who are already interested in what you offer. You can set a daily and weekly budget and even only show ads to users who are watching videos related to your offer. For example, if you are a band producing music that is similar to Radiohead, you can only show your ads to people who are subscribed to the official Radiohead Youtube channel, as you know that they will most likely like your music as well. This type of targeted advertising gets you the most bang for your buck!

We are confident that these tips will help you get even further with your Youtube video promotion after purchasing Youtube comments from us. Order now!

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