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Having a Twitter account with a large amount of followers instantly makes you more credible to new potential customers and fans. Why do people buy Twitter followers? Because having less than 1000 Followers will most likely push people away, while buying more followers will attract people to your page. This concept is known as the social proof effect. 1 billion tweets in total are shared every 5 days. When you buy followers, this will attract new ones that will share content with even more users which will retweet it to their friends as well… soon your audience can become millions of people around the world. Rise to fame on Twitter, Buy Twitter Followers Today!

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We have delivered followers on over 10 000 Twitter accounts since 2007. We only use 100% safe methods to generate traffic to your page. Buy with confidence! Is Buying Twitter Followers A Common Practice? Yes. Everyone is buying followers on Twitter. From local plumbers to international DJs and politicians, buying followers is the greatest way to boost your credibility on this micro-blogging platform and be taken seriously by your new visitors. Buying Twitter followers is a great way to look established, which inspires trust from new visitors and increases conversion rates and sales.

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Steps to take after you buy followers on Twitter

What to do after you buy Twitter followers for your business in Australia or in New Zealand (NZ)? While purchasing followers is the first step to success as it creates a stronger brand image and increases your credibility, it is only the first step of many towards success on Twitter. We suggest that you also buy our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube services if you have business accounts on these social media platforms as well. Social media is an amazing type of free promotion for you and your business if used properly. Here are a few tips to get you started with social media marketing on Twitter:

Publish tweets daily. Never skip a day. Marketing and advertising as always been about repetition, social media is no different. By tweeting daily, you are refreshing the mind of your customers or fans every single day that goes by, reminding them about your services or products. If you send them daily messages, whenever they will need your product, guess who they will think about first?

Avoid boring self-promotional tweets. This is where most people fail after they buy followers, so if you master this easy task you will already be a step ahead of your competition, whether you do business in Australia, in Canada, or elsewhere. Twitter is all about sharing interesting content to your followers, not about daily self-promotion. Talk about your industry, other successful people in your niche, interesting news, add humor in your tweets. Then once in a while you can promote yourself. Try at least to keep the promotional/informative ratio of your tweets at 50%/50%. You Twitter followers will appreciate your content and share it with their friends, which is a promotion in itself.

Offer exclusive discounts to your followers. Countless surveys as shown that people LOVE exclusive discounts shared via social media. It is actually the #1 reason why people tend to follow companies on this micro-blogging platform. After buying Twitter followers, plan a monthly discount that you can share to your followers via coupon code. They will share it with their friends, this will generate more hype around your business and increase sales and customer retention.

Connect your Twitter account with Facebook. This takes less than 5 minutes to setup and instantly doubles your reach. It will automatically publish every single of your tweets live on your Facebook feed, or your Facebook Fan Page feed. This will help reaching users that are in your Facebobok network which are not yet using Twitter. Buying Twitter Followers is an affordable and effective way to promote yourself on Twitter.  Buy Twitter Followers from an Australia-Based Company Now!

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